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Our Teachers

Lisa Lifetrain

Ceremony, Yoga, Breath-work

Lisa creates safe and sacred spaces

in which humans can connect to their

magic and magnificence.


A ceremonialist, Kuchina,

Body-work, Breath-work facilitator,

Yoga InstructorDJ & Ecstatic Dance.

Trauma Informed facilitator.


The spaces in which she creates offer

profound transformation, awakening

and returning back to love.


Lisa is a story teller, sharing ancient

wisdom. She helps humans

discover their own stories, truth & path.

Thongo Lifikile 

Traditional Healer

Thongo Lifikile walks a path, anchored

in understanding around New Earth




She is trained in the use of traditional

African medicines and associated




She has also spent time initiating with

sacred plant medicines, including

Psilocybin and medicines from

South America.



She works with and honors the

sacred plants and holds a

deep space of integrity and safety.

She helps individuals connect with their ancestors. 

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