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Jaimie Cuthbertson

Sex, love, relationships & Yoni Eggs

Jaimie has spent spent the last decade searching the globe looking for answers to finding explosive love, mind blowing sex and living a life of total bliss!! From working a corporate job to dancing naked in the jungle, she has a logical approach to some advanced and ‘out there’ concepts. 

By mixing ancient practices with modern neuroscience Jaimie helps women to unleash all the pleasure within and get everything they desire. She believe's that every human being has the capacity to experience pleasure and it’s a damn shame if people aren’t living life to their full potential.

She has spent many years trying to feel whole and amazing by getting the perfect job, buying designer clothes, and occasionally eating a jumbo sized bag of potato chips in one sitting.


" I found that once I got the job, ate the chips or looked the perfect way I wanted, it would either be a short term satisfaction or not much at all. This work made me feel incredible! It gave me a sense of wholeness and bliss, a great body, designer clothes and much more started flowing into my life naturally. I know it all sounds a bit woo woo but give it a go and you be the judge. "

Kalvin Smith 

High Performance Living

Kalvin has been an ambassador for the Martial Arts, health and fitness since the mid 1980s. His roots are in the traditional Korean Martial Art Tae-Kwon-Do.


During the last 20 years Kalvin has travelled the world, training with many highly respected experts and masters, in a broad variety of disciplines including hypnotherpy, self awareness, self defence, massage, holistic health, breath work and wellbeing.


Recently Kalvin has shared his experience and has implemented the       "High Performance Living" method across a wide range of clients and industries. Sessions have been delivered to government departments, corporate board rooms, schools and many other environments with success. The sessions have successfully assisted in the development of team cohesion and self-mastery for all participants.


It is through these and other varied projects that Kalvin has earned himself respectable notoriety in the Martial Arts community. He is now working to champion the benefits of Martial Arts training beyond the realms of close combat and self-protection to a broader community.