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"I'm just a little shoo shoo wawa"

" We become healers so that we
can heal ourselves and in return
we discover our gifts.
And then we hold the space for others to discover their gifts.  We spread our light and our love.  And the world becomes a brighter place"

For the past decade I  have dedicated my life to learning, discovering and healing all the aspects of herself that I had made 'wrong' or felt were 'incomplete', to unraveling myself, peeling back the layers of the onion, so that I could discover my true essence.

And the journey is never ending.... 

Through this journey I have learnt many magical skills to add to my 'MAGIC BOX' from Reiki, Energy Healing, Munaki, Yoga ' Sharer'.          

( Because we do not teach, we share) Transformational coach, Health coach, Life coach, Meditation facilitator, Mindfulness Facilitator.

Manifestation coach.

Intuitive Healer. 



Working with the natural elements, the planets & the moon, Alchemy.

My deepest gift I want to share with the world is to create a scared space, one where people feel safe to do the 'inner' work, to be their own shaman and healer. 

The best coach, the best healer is one who does their own work.    The one who goes into the darkest parts of themselves, because when we do this, we can hold the space for others to do their own work. 

This is the GURU - the bringer from Dark to Light. The Guru is a 'space holder' because they have achieved or reached this level themselves. 

I am not claiming to be a Guru of any type but I have learnt many magical skills and have gone to those dark places to discover my gift and this gift I want to share with you, to help you on your journey of self discovery, so that you too can live a life that is free, abundant and one filled with LOVE.  

Holding the space for you to see what is holding you back from the life you'd LOVE to live. So that you can become witness to your conditioning, limiting beliefs, behavior patterns, subconscious thoughts and recreate the connection with your own INNER SELF.



I will just hold the light above your head...


I offer a range of services from 1 on 1 coaching, to teaching you how to connect to the deepest part of yourself through meditation, mindfulness, yoga ,energy release work and a variety of processes. 

Each and every single client is beautiful and unique and together we will come up with a 'master plan' to help you evolve. 

Remember... you know EXACTLY what you need, I just have a variety of skills to facilitate the process. 

Sessions can be done from anywhere in the WORLD!!

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