I'm Lisa LIFETRAIN & I'm here to keep you
FIT and help you feel FABULOUS this December!!!!
I am a Body, Mind & Heart Coach.
My passion is creating a safe space for people to fall in LOVE 
with themselves & their bodies. 
I am a Fitness Trainer, Crossfit fanatic,
Stretch Therapy coach & Yoga Instructor
And I want to help you stay fit this Holiday, 
wherever you are in the world....


Fitness Trainer, Lisa LIFETRAIN 

My biggest passion is helping people connect to their bodies, feel strong in their

bodies and to love their bodies. 


My sessions are not just about coming into the gym, training and leaving. 


I deeply understand the relationship between our bodies - our minds and how they

both play a vital role in living a life filled with joy. 


Before I left I was running my own gym in Craighall Park & upon arrival I have

received messages asking if I could please start training again. 


I have a background in Personal Development, Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching, Bodywork,

Healing, Yoga Instructor, Physical Trainer, Mindfulness and meditation coach and master Stretch Therapist. 


I will be creating the space for you to connect deeply with you body, understanding the mechanics of the body and incorporating many different aspects of training. 


High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ), Functional Fitness, Body Weight Training, Explosive work, Deep body Stretch Sessions and much much more.


My goal is to ensure that my clients become “ All rounded athletes” so sessions are constantly changing, to ensure you are always challenged and growing. 

© 2019 By Lisa LIFETRAIN