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This is our magical story...


Lisa Lifetrain & Thongo Lifikile have been facilitating retreats together for the past 2 years. 

Lisa creates safe spaces where participants can explore what it means to be human. 
She is a qualified Trauma Informed Coach, Breath-work facilitator, Yoga Instructor, Ceremonialist and works with the medicine of Cacao. She has been facilitating retreats for over a decade and is deeply committed to helping humans heal and step into their true power & potential. 


Thongo Lifikile is a traditional healer working with African Healing modalities. 

She helps humans reconnect with their ancestors, heal their bodies and facilitates plant medicine ceremonies. 

She holds space with the utmost integrity. 

She uses the elements of nature as tools for healing.

She works with African Plant Medicines. 

African Steams & Traditional cleansing practices. 


Lisa & Thongo pride themselves on holding you throughout your journey. 

Pre-consults and post-integration sessions are held with every client.

These two facilitators are both initiated and qualified to be doing this level of work. 

They are here to help humans remember who they are by creating life-changing experiences,

with love, joy, laughter and light.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss which retreat would be more suited

to where you are are in your journey.

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