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40 Days back to the heart

One girl, a van and an open heart traveling up the East Coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns

Climb aboard the Life Train with me! I’m off in a campervan named Willy, departing March 19th, in cycle with the New Moon.


On a once-in-a-lifetime trip up Australia’s east coast with my mind and heart open to a multitude of transformational moments.

Be apart of the magic as I glean a rainbow of wisdoms on my 2,800-kilometre trek from Melbourne to Cairns.


Sign up, roll up for the ‘Lisa Life Train’ adventure and let’s see what rich and extraordinary experiences unfold.


Escape your daily humdrum and be inspired by new possibilities as wheelers, healers and dealers offer pearls of wisdom and nuggets of philosophers gold.


With an heart open, and judgment knocked to the floor, I know everyone I meet will offer a mirror to my soul.


So let’s travel together, dear friends, and experience this rock ’n roll adventure together. 

40 Days back to the heart, no set plans just following my heart...