When I was a little girl my mother tried for many months to persuade me to do ballet. I think she really wanted to believe that I was this beautiful little baby girl who was going to wear pink and dance on stage. However I opted for the opposite, soccer boots, cricket bats and playing with the boys.

So I never had the opportunity to couru, cou-de-pied, grand jete and all those fabulous things but I have always admired a ballerina’s body. So strong and flexible – they have some of the strongest bodies in the world.

So I decided to give it Unlock my workout with FitKey – the coolest new fitness app on the market.

FitKey is a monthly subscription and mobile app that gives you access to discover, explore and book classes across hundreds of studios and gyms offering everything from dance, yoga, pilates and crossfit to boxing.

Just as a healthy diet needs variety, so does a healthy body. There are so many ways to get, stay and enjoy being active – why stick to just one or two? FitKey gives you access to a network of classes and gyms offering everything from dance, yoga, Pilates and crossfit to boxing so that you have create the fitness life you enjoy.

Finding new ways to exercise can be an adventure, or a trial. FitKey is your guide to a low stress, no pressure way to find and try new things. Never done yoga or crossfit? No problem. Book, pitch up and see if you like it? If you do, book again and bring the class into your range of activities. If not, that’s cool, now you know and are free to try something else.

I booked myself into a ” Body Conditioning” class on Kloof Street, in the most gorgeous little quaint building with a really cool bar downstairs and an art gallery upstairs, thats what I love about Cape Town, so many magical little places to explore. The class started 18:00pm SHARP. Great Etiquette comes standard to a ballerina, I on the other hand can be a tiny bit tardy,  when they say a class starts at 6pm, try not to be late as ballerina’s have impeccable timing and you will feel a little awkward walking into a room 2 minutes late whilst everyone is waiting for you to start.

I really thought that I would handle this class with grace & ease. Come on, I lift weights everyday and have been doing sport my whole life, of course I can handle a little ” Conditioning” class. Well let me just say that I should not speak to soon.

This was the most hardcore class I have most probably ever done in my life, I think I took a break every 2 minutes.

The class focuses on core strength and ALOT of it. You will gain the following: strengthening your muscles you use in dance, focus on using correct alignment, improve balance and releasing tension of muscles by stretching,  strengthening legs and core, increase flexibility.




Our instructor Shirley was just so lovely, she has been a ballerina for many years and is therefore a wonderful coach.



Images by: Sean Furlonger


In an avergage gym session, one probably spends a total of 10 minutes on core/ abs. How about trying that for an entire hour? YES, I did feel like I was going to walk out the class with a 6 pack.



Images by: Sean Furlonger


Images by: Sean Furlonger


This lovely lady Seugnet Esterhuyse started ballet on Kloof, she has been doing ballet her whole life and is more than qualified to lead such an incredible establishment. There is such a lovely, fun yet professional vibe at the Ballet Studio. Everyone is so friendly and down to earth.



How incredible is this woman?


I would most definitely take full advantage of all three of the classes that I would be able to use on FitKey to unlock conditioning and maybe even a little ballet class…. These ballerina’s will give any exercise regime a run for its money.

Body Conditioning Mondays 6pm

Tuesday- absolute beginner ballet 5:45pm

Wednesday- elementary/intermediate ballet 6pm

Thursday- elementary ballet  5:45pm

Saturday- elementary ballet

9:15am Venues – body conditioning- Erdmann Contemporary 84 Kloof street Ballet- Union Congregational church hall corner of Eaton & Kloof streets




Me – ” TRYING” to be a ballerina.

We offer open ballet classes based on the RAD and Cecchetti ballet methods. The class is about:  Learning the art of motion and technique of classical ballet, Developing lean muscles, Aligning the mind, body and spirit, Having fun while exercising,  Increasing fitness levels , It’s a cardiovascular and muscle toning workout What to wear:

Ballet: Leggings/tights, leotard or top, shoes are ideal, but wear socks if you want to try out a few classes before buying ballet shoes. It’s important for you to just feel comfortable, so wear something comfortable!,This class is for anyone who has a few years of ballet training behind them and looking for a challenge. Whether it is a few years with us or at school and you had a long break – this level would be perfect for you. The teacher adapts to your level.,For anyone who has never done ballet before, you cannot really remember what you learnt way back or you had a long break and you want to get down to the basics, should consider our a absolute beginner ballet class. This class teaches you the basics of classical ballet.

You can book all these classes on the FitKey app for just R495 PM, choosing from a variety of exercises. So be adventurous, get out there and try something new today.


Photography by: http://www.seancarterfurlonger.com





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