I remember the days my mum would lie down and position her feet under my tummy and lift me into the sky.

OH how I loved those days, it felt as though I was really flying.

I was in for such a surprise when I realised that you can still do that as an adult and its just as fun.

I booked myself in for an Acroyoga class on the FitKey app.It really has become my new favourite app, being able to try different classes everyday that I never thought I would try.  I arrived at a little church in the quiet suburbs of Mowbray. I felt right at home with its simplicity and the smiling faces that greeted me upon arrival.

Acroyoga is a mixture of yoga and acrobatics. Partner Acrobatics cultivates trust, connection and playfulness while introducing you to supportive partner stretching assisted inversions, acrobatic flying transitions and counterbalance tricks. The practice is incredibly fun and playful while improving fitness, tone, strength, balance, confidence, trust and communication.

We started off by introducing ourselves and a little stretch. Its really amazing connecting with perfect strangers, getting to know one another and learning to trust someone you have never met.


Marissa our teacher for the day moved to South Africa after coming here for a 3 week holiday, she loved it so much she decided to stay and spread the joy that is Acroyoga  around the country, she was filling in for the owner of this class Isabel Essen ( http://isabelessen.com ) She was such a lovely teacher, patient, fun and extremely thorough in her instruction.

Acroyoga is all about trusting your partner and relaxing, here Marisa is showing us just that.

_TR_8556There are three primary roles in Acroyoga

Base - this is the individual who has the most points of contact with the ground. Often this person is lying on the ground with the entire back torso in full contact. This enables both the arms and legs to be “bone-stacked” for maximum stability and support of the Flyer. Main points of contact with the flyer are the feet (generally placed on the Flyer’s hips, groin or lower abdomen) and the hands (which either form handholds or grasp the shoulders).

Flyer - this is the individual who is elevated off the ground by the Base. The Flyer can move into a series of dynamic positions, and generally lets gravity do the work for them. A Flyer needs balance, confidence, and core strength.

Spotter - this is the individual who has an objective view of the partners, and whose entire focus is on making sure that the Flyer lands safely in case of any slips. The spotter can also make recommendations to the Base and Flyer to improve their form.


It really is an incredible feeling the first time you take flight._TR_8658

Fun for the whole family.


Acroyoga felt super good for my body, I just loved working and learning to trust perfect strangers.


I am really loving the FitKey app, being able to check out all these different classes. I never thought I would have gone to a Acroyoga class, so this was just magical and I definitely recommend it.

Classes take place on Sunday’s in Mowbray 12:00 – 13:00.


Download the App today http://www.fitkey.co.za 



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