What do you do when you’re in the mood to be a little adventurous and try a new workout in the Mother City?

Well there’s a really cool new way to do exactly that. The latest Fitness App in South Africa has finally been launched in three of South Africa’s largest cities. Cape Town/ Stellenbosch, Johannesburg & Pretoria.

FitKey - Unlimited Access. All Types of classes. One Key.

Getting bored during your workouts? Paying high gym rates where you can go train at one facility? Wishing you could try something different? Be a little daring and try something you’ve never dreamed of doing physically? Yoga, Pilates, MMA, Boxing, Parkour, Acro Yoga, Nia, Air Yoga, Kranking? On this app you could even unlock a meditation or nutrition class. There is something for everyone. This app gives you the ability to unlock a range of classes at the push of a key. Book, pitch up and see if you like it? If you do, book again and bring the class into your range of activities. If not, that’s cool, now you know and are free to try something else.

It gives the user an opportunity to try a range of classes for one monthly fee of R495. Wake up to a soul shaking yoga class and end your day,  dancing off the steam ” Rocking in Heels Class ” ( The sexiest new way to exercise. Shaking your booty to the latest beats whilst rocking it out in high heels)

I decided to be a little adventurous and try something I had never done before. In the middle of freezing cold, wet, drizzly August I booked a 5:30am Kettle-Bell Class at 360 Specialized Training in Foreshore. I’ve tried to throw around a couple of kettle bells at the gym but I had never been to a proper Kettle-Bell Class, so I unlocked my 360 Specialized Training early morning Kettle-bell session, why not be a little adventurous I thought?

“The name 360 has 2 meanings: the first being that you are challenged in all 3 planes of motion replicating everyday living and sporting movements and being complete which means you work on your weaknesses to make you more efficient by improving your biomotor abilities: speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. This teamed with the passionate trainers who make this a lifestyle approach by incorporating outdoor activities and crazy challenges, aimed at all levels, gives rise to the ultimate cybernetic organism (body) transformation.” - Chris Walsh

360 Specialized Training has to be one of the slickest places to workout in Cape Town. It’s something quite extraordinary, I felt like a grown up kid as I walked through the doors to find what seemed like an adult playground.


Massive big monkey bars, sprint tracks, big massive wooden poles sticking out of the ground ( what they were for, I wasn’t too sure but I would think it’s the kind of place you would hope to find the hardcore army athletes like you always see in the movies. )

And the coolest thing is I didn’t feel intimidated as I arrived, looking at this massive adult fitness playground. I was welcomed by the 360ST family, even at 5:30am in the morning, everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The Kettle-Bell class Addresses the entire body as a unit simultaneously, while vaporizing fat, scorching your lungs, demanding new strength, rehabilitating weak areas and improving your overall level of conditioning.

And our workout begun…

Kettle-Bell Swings and LOTS of them

_TR_9839 _TR_9863


_TR_9929 (1)

And I love me a little squat , fantastic for that firm summer beach bottom.

The instructor was amazing, clear and precise direction as she continued to educate us through the class on the importance of technique, correct posture and movements. Partaking in a class you have never done before this is of vital importance.


And many many, many lunges.

The trainers at 360ST are incredibly knowledgable and professional, they take great pride in what they do and everything is done meticulously, trainers at 360 ST have advanced knowledge in functional training.


Ending the session stretching out our bodies, I knew in my mind I would be extremely grateful for this the next day.

I really enjoyed this class, I felt empowered,  my endorphins charged up and all before the sun had come up. What a way to start the day, I felt physically stronger and was ready to conquer my day. And boy oh boy was I stiff the next day, I just love it when my body weeps a little the next day, that feeling you get when you know you have had a really good workout.

There are a variety of classes you can unlock at 360 Specialized Training on the FitKey app.

Kettle Bell : Address the entire body as a unit simultaneously while vaporizing fat, scorching your lungs, demanding new strength, rehabilitating weak areas and improving your overall level of conditioning.

Cardio Blast : It’s time to elevate the heart rate, bust a sweat and get an endorphin high in our hybrid cardio class.

Warrior Workout: This is our signature style class where the trainers get to freelance with their advanced knowledge of functional training with all the equipment at their disposal. Intermediate fitness levels.

Boxfit: An up beat boxing class where you learn to improve technique, develop co-ordination and increase your cardiovascular capacity through sparing, bag work and fitness drills. All fitness levels.

Urban Stretch:  A relaxing class designed to realign and enjoy a combination of stretching from yoga to self-myofascial release exercises and everything in-between. All fitness levels.

Tight Tush: A ladies only class where the focus is on base conditioning consisting of balance, flexibility and core conditioning, alleviating imbalances making you more efficient  and ultimately preparing you for the warrior workout.

Thank you 360 Specialized Training – you guys ROCK!!

If you haven’t checked out the coolest new craze to hit South Africa, head over to the FitKey website and

” Request an Invite”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.33.45 PM

Use the app to find a class and just click to reserve. When you arrive, tell the studio or gym you registered with FitKey.

Start working out! Have fun!

Photography by: http://www.seancarterfurlonger.com




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