Supplements. The word that seems to have taken over every news feed, instagram feed & the internet with sponsored athletes selling us products that make us bigger, thinner, thicker – you name it, theres some sort of supplement created to help you obtain it. A multibillion dollar industry.

I remember being told from about the age of 16 that one should buy a whey protein to incorporate into your daily meal plan. But which one we always ask? Ahhhh any whey they would say, with a few suggestions here and there.

However most of the time your average consumer has no idea about WHY you even need protein or what supplement protein actually is.

When one does strength training for various different reasons whether it be to get swole aka build muscle mass, get ripped, get lean or for bone density, strength training is hugely beneficial for the our bodies.

20 – 30 mins before or after your exercise if you don’t provide high quality protein and essential amino acids you wont get all the benefits of that hard workout. Most importantly Amino Acids , which are found in proteins that stimulate muscle growth. One of the most vital essential amino acids is called Leucine & branch chain amino acids. Our bodies require raw material building blocks to stimulate muscle growth.

Your body can make all but nine of about 20 amino acids in the human body. Nine amino acids are “essential” because you can only obtain their benefits through diet. They are:

  • Histidine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine

Whey protein is one of the highest concentrates in food with regards to the amount of protein intake . However not all whey is created equally. Highly biological protein – the body can easily break it down. Fat loss and the building of lean muscle mass.

There are Three different types

Isolates and Concentrates and hydrolysate

Isolates ( stripped away and processed , damages protein )

Concentrates ( Avoid this issue, are not damaged by over processing ) Pasture fed Cows, loaded with CLA – not GMO/ Artificial sweeteners.

Hydrolysate ( A hydrolysate can be created from sweet whey all the way up to isolates. Also, the enzymes and reaction conditions used – as well as the number of available bonds that are broken – dictate the final composition of the hydrolysate. The greater the degree of hydrolysis, the smaller the number of amino acids per peptide … and the more bitter-tasting the resulting protein. So hydrolysates can vary a lot more than concentrates or isolates.) -

Because the fitness industry has taken over the world, there are many supplement companies who are using bad quality protein and you are not getting what it says on the label.  As well as many artificial flavourants and sugars, a huge pathway to cancer causing cells.


The worlds view on plant based diet is radically changing and people are looking for alternative sources of protein.

I spoke to Kiara & Ethan of SynerChi Organics, young, vivacious, go-getters. Health fanatics, highly knowledgable boys who love health, life and feeling good. They love feeling so good that they want others to feel it too. These two  inspiring brothers saw the opportunity to offer people a different way of life.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.28.49 PM

The essential and vital era of greater health and wellbeing is a rapidly growing, global trend. The SynerChi Organics team is motivated by understanding the essential nutrients our bodies require. ‘Our  commitment is to always deliver quality nutrition that benefits the health and wellness of individuals,  irrespective of their level of fitness or choice of how to stay healthy.’

The SynerChi Organics team is continuously acquiring knowledge in the nutrition field and continue to grow a culture of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. ‘This is the motivation behind the creation of our organic and natural, health and wellness range.’

The boys grew up in a fit, active, healthy family and have been aware of vitality since a young age. Kiara was shown a documentary called the Union which spoke about the benefits of hemp.

 It is a Superfood plant that is so diverse it can make over 50 000 different natural products. Kiara & Ethan saw a gap in the market and created the brand SynerChi importing a very high quality hemp from Canada.

 People need to get better. SA have ranked highly in Obesity.  We want to  help make people better from the inside out”

SynerChi Organics . People should start eating more organically, its a synergy,between you and your supplements.  What are you putting into your body? Your body will love you because you are putting in natural food. Firing clarity of neurones. Enlightenment. It’s a complete Body high.

Essential for life, dietary protein can come from many different sources. Whey protein is an animal source derived from milk, and hemp protein is a vegetable source derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. With hemp, we usually refer to edible varieties of the cannabis plant, which are extremely low in THC and do not have a psychoactive effect on our body. Both provide all of the essential amino acids, but in varying amounts, and both can be consumed to meet your dietary protein needs. Powdered whey protein is available as a very concentrated form of protein, whereas hemp protein products contain protein plus heart-healthy fats and fibre.

The protein in hemp is mainly from edestin and albumin, two proteins that are easily digestible and rich in amino acids essential for growth. According to the journal “Euphytica,” Hemp contains 25 percent protein and includes all of the essential amino acids, with especially high levels of arginine.

A whole new generation of complete plant protein powders have emerged. Now, you have more choices when it comes to protein powders… And a number of reasons to try them:

You need additional variety in protein powders without sacrificing muscle-building benefits. You want to boost your intake of plant proteins, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. You’re a vegetarian and don’t want to consume animal products. You have dairy sensitivity or have been advised to limit dairy.

When choosing a high-quality plant-based protein, there can be dramatic differences in nutritional values.

This magical protein comes in two different ranges – Hemp Hearts & Hemp Protein

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.57.38 PM

This product is so versatile. Put  it over cereal, throw over salads, wraps, steaks.

This is not a meal replacement, any ordinary person can use it as an additional protein source.

Plant based proteins provide many health benefits:

Assisted weight loss, Increased energy levels, Appetite control, Rich in dietary fibre, Perfectly balanced ratio of Omega 3;6;9 Optimal immune support, Edistin – Closest protein globule related to human DNA.

Hemp Protein is low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free and has lots of other nutritional benefits such as disease fighting phytochemicals and essential fatty acids.

Visit their website to buy online, go & like their Facebook page as the boys will be developing some awesome new products soon.

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