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When I’m not preaching my own unique brand of “broscience” to everyone, the reality is that I have a day-job as well in advertising. More specifically I work in the wonderful world of Online and Digital Advertising. Of course I’d love to have a job where I get to have my name and face splashed across newspaper’s, the telly and radio – it would make sounding legit so much easier, but I’ve gained some unique skills (imagine Liam Neeson’s voice right there)over the years  and applying them to different aspects of life, especially my training funnily enough, makes a difference. Let’s get into a few advertising terms which can apply directly to your training.

Think Outta the Box

No, no, no… Not the Crossfit box. It’s one of those annoying terms a client might say when a brief comes in and they want to see their advertising campaign do something different to what they and their competitors have done before. Who can blame them, stuff that’s done all the time becomes boring and likewise in the iron-church, doing the same thing all the time is BORING. Not only that, but if you haven’t already heard (what? Don’t you read blogs bro?), doing the same exercises and routine for months on end is to your own detriment. Quite simply, your body gets used to the movements, doesn’t feel challenged anymore and just, kind of, well, stops. All that progress you were making comes to a grinding halt eventually and like a Nandos advert, it’s great for a while, but the effect wears off and doesn’t work its magic anymore. What’s the point then? Leave the bench-press every Monday evening for 4 sets of 12 reps and do something different – even if it’s grabbing some dumbbells instead.

Plan and Implement

After a client has come to us, we don’t just start chucking images up all over the place and paying money for unnecessary exposure we and the client don’t need while hoping for the best, we think about what’s needed, make a plan and then implement it smartly. Likewise when you are ready to go after your new goal in the gym – don’t just go in there and start throwing weights around and buying every supplement the dude in the Dis-Chem supplement aisle suggests. Do your research and find out what you need and how you’re going to use it to benefit you first. Once you have a plan and the an idea of the real tools you need, get going. Set a launch date and start delivering!


What Does the Data Say?

As I said, I’m on the digital and online side of the big, bad world of advertising and a major component these days is data collection – just like your personal best squat record – the numbers don’t lie! If you’re not tracking your workouts somehow, then you’re being silly. When we set out a campaign for a client, we know there are clear goals they wish to achieve like a certain number of visits to their website, an improvement in sales, etc. This can be used in the same way for your training. You need to have some kind of goal in mind, some target you’re reaching for and once you implement your training routine; you need to track what you’re doing, what has worked best, what hasn’t helped at all and eliminate the stuff holding you back and then focus hard on the stuff that works. In my world if an advert appears on a website, but never actually leads to it helping a client’s business grow, we take the site out of our list and focus on one that does deliver the results. How does this apply to your training? Simple – if a certain exercise means you’re just going through the motions without increasing strength, cutting fat or improving something that gets you to your target – eliminate it. Focus more on the exercise that does work, focus on the rep range you’ve noticed gives you growth or do the cardio you see from tracking your progress, has helped you to start dropping your body fat %.

This is Award Worthy!

Most advertisers will tell you they don’t do this for the award ceremonies etc (fibbers, everyone loves a trophy) and just like your “campaign” of improving your lifestyle and body, you’re doing it for some kind of reason. Whether it’s to get more looks on the beach or, because you’re terrified of an early heart attack the REWARD, rather than award is the fact that with a well implemented, well tracked and decently optimised training regime you will feel healthier and happier. Who knows? Maybe you do get so into it that you do enter a competition or 2 – like I said, everyone does love a good trophy.

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Just a normal girl , who through certain choices along her path has fallen in love with life & all the goodness within it. I want to help spread the knowledge I have learnt about Lifestyle, Fitness, Mind, Body & Soul through LIFETRAIN. Helping people help themselves to Train their bodies, Train their Minds & Train there souls. I want everyone to hop on the LIFETRAIN.

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