Did you know that the pill was invented only 50 years ago? It sometimes boggles my mind how far we have come from a natural state of being. The human species are one of the most incredible creations. We are able to do so much. Heal ourselves, create life and so much more. The human body was made to heal. I think at times we forget how truly powerful we are.

Or is it because of huge corporations that see us as a ways and means to fill their own pockets?

If the pill and contraception was only created 50 years ago what did woman do in the old days to prevent themselves from falling pregnant? There is no way that the human body is so intelligent that we were not created with a ways and means to not fall pregnant.

I must be honest I cannot believe that in 26 years I did not have another answer. I have always believed that when you start menstruating the “normal” thing to do is is to go on the pill, patches, injection or the mirena, of which I have tried and tested every single one of these methods.

The other day I saw a girls Facebook status asking for gynaecologists details who would deliver her twins NATURALLY. I started asking woman about natural birth and it seems that now days C-Sections are the way to go. I actually cannot believe that we have become so disconnected with our own bodies that we fit into gynaes schedules so they can deliver your baby just on time to deliver the next. And we think this is NORMAL and that its okay.

In the old days Mid-Wives would be the people woman went to have their babies delivered. Mid-wives would have been taught by their mothers and their grand-mothers how to deliver a child. When doctors started to realise how medicine works we began entrusting in them and calling midwives witches because of their natural methods using herbs and natural medicine. Woman stopped going to midwives and looked to the medical community.

We started speaking to MEN about delivering babies and menstruation. We think we have come so far as a civilisation but if we have to look at our logic – I think we are going backwards. A gynaecologist has its place and that is for HIGH RISK CLIENTS. People over 40 with high blood pressure or heart problems etc. In the UK you see a midwife, not a gynaecologist.

Did you know that PMS – PRE MENSTRUAL STRESS is a man made condition. It comes from stress, lifestyle and diet. We are brainwashed into thinking that a pill will fix everything. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars every year off hormonal birth control and vaccinations – it is one of their biggest markets and you can do you own research to see the side affects of this. You BELIEVE The Pill will fix everything – have you ever heard of THE PLACEBO AFFECT?

The amount of woman I know who have to go for In vitro fertilisation ( IVF) for their fertility problems is scary. For most of our lives we are telling our bodies not to fall pregnant and then we change our minds and tell our bodies to all of a sudden FALL PREGNANT. Of course it is going to be hard to fall pregnant because you have all these unnatural hormones pumping through your body and now you are going to pump your body with even more hormones and pass those hormones onto your new born baby whilst breast feeding.

The HPV Vaccine:  ” HPV vaccines are given as a series of three shots over 6 months to protect against HPV infection and the health problems that HPV infection can cause. There are three HPV vaccines (Cervarix, Gardasil, and Gardasil 9). Girls and young women should get any of these HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer.”

The woman who created the vaccine has said herself that it is not being used correctly. Woman are dying from the vaccine but people are still taking the vaccine because we are brainwashed by huge corporations to believe its what we have to do and that it will prevent cancer.

I am not saying that there is no place for medicine in this world. You are either a medicinal model or you are not.

I spoke to Claudia from Butterly Wings who specialises in Natural Birth Fertility and Natural Birth Control. Claudia  was apart of a running group and one of the woman got breast cancer at the age of 32 due to hormonal contraception and her diet, Claudia was on hormonal birth control herself and got quite a fright and thought that there must be another way. What did woman do before the pill was invented?  she started doing some research and enrolled into Justice College ( Health works for Woman ). I was absolutely blown away and quite shocked about how little I knew about my own body and what I had been lead to believe over all these years.

Every womans cycle is different . Ovulation may be delayed. Day 33 arrives and you havent had a period because you had a stressful event, adjusted your diet or broken up with your boyfriend. Your body will hold off ovulation until you have dealt with the stress. Because that is what we are designed to do. We have lost all connection to our own bodies. Pain means ovulation. If you understand your body you will know what it is telling you.

A woman’s body is very simple you are either FERTILE or INFERTILE. We are fertile for one in every 4 weeks for 7 days. Which means you can only fall pregnant in those 7 days. A man is fertile 365 days a year and we are the ones who has to take responsibility for falling pregnant – haha think about that.

Why are woman on the pill? Because men wouldn’t deal with the side affects. If a woman has sex without a condom during her fertile 7 days ( ovulation)  she has 75% chance of falling pregnant. After ovulation to next ovulation you can have sex 200 times WITHOUT falling pregnant.

Claudia gave me a fantastic explanation of this. When a woman is ovulating the body secretes a fluid that creates an alkaline environment for the sperm to feel at home to fertilise the egg and create an environment where a baby can grow. This only happens for 7 days. For the other 21 days there is no fluid, its like the sperm diving into an empty pool – Not so fun.

Many of Claudia’s patients say they are so depressed after coming off the pill. This is because the amount of hormones you are pumping into your body. 6 Months later down the line they say ” WOW – I can’t believe that this is actually me and how happy I am, I am myself” this is due to the fact that you don’t have additional hormones making you a little coo-coo.

There is a natural way to birth control, it has been around since the beginning of mankind, people may call it old fashioned and say oh yes thats what the catholics do. This natural way is called CHARTING. Your will learn to identify what ovulation is and what signs your body is giving you. When you are producing mucus you are fertile. The mucus provides a food, alkaline environment where the sperm is carried up into the fallopian tubes, the egg only stays there for 24 hours after that your body cannot ovulate again.

Charting is learning to read your body to know when you should not have sex to ensure you do not fall pregnant. On a daily basis we think its okay to put chemicals into our bodies. Menstrual cramps may be caused from Sanitary pads and tampons – which contain PLASTIC. Yes , you heard correctly PLASTIC. Tampons – all those fibres that create the tampon are going into your body. Menstrual cramps, the pain you get from your body trying to expel the foreign matter.

Our diets and what we put into our bodies also play a huge role. Claudia suggests staying away from Gluten and Sugar.

Below is the basis to the Justisse Method. All green is infertile (Can not fall pregnant), the violet/purple are all the days you produce mucus and can fall pregnant. The reason why the days are numbered is post ovulation and is the part of your cycle which will be consistent every cycle (and the phase where you can have sex 200 times and not fall pregnant). The green phase which is not numbered is the phase that can change should you experience a stress in your life and will delay ovulation should your body not be able to cope. (These are also infertile days)

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.09.40 AM

A completed chart looks like this: Don’t worry about all the letters and numbers when you learn the method you will learn what they mean but you will see how the violet/purple section correlates with the shift in the temperature which is the graph below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.09.54 AM

I am so excited about all of this as I am someone who really sees the benefits of going ‘ Natural’ and becoming in-tune with my body. When we get to a world where kids are asking “ are you ovulating” then they are making an educated and informed decision and we are moving in the right direction says Claudia.

Claudia is hosting a FREE TALK tomorrow night for people who suffer from menstrual cramps, PMS, endometriosis, heavy bleeding or no menstruation.

DATE:  Thursday 21st  May 2015

TIME:  18H30 – 20h00

VENUE:   202 Cumberland Drive, Bryanston Johannesburg



She will also be hosting a talk on Birth Control Options

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.15.33 AM

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Lets create healthy, loving relationships with our bodies.

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