I remember when I was  a little girl my mum took me on a trip with her to what she called a “ bone doctor” I remember seeing her lying down on a bed and this big strong man clicking her bones – it creeped the hell outta me.

Now many years later, I am a big believer in going to see a chiropractor regularly to have my body readjusted.

I was having lower back pain for many months and doing some research as to who some specialists were in the industry. There were over 42 people who recommended Dr Martin Kruger, so a year ago I drove all the way across Johannesburg to the East to go and see this ‘ magical’ chiropractor, 1 year later I still make the little trek to go and have my ‘wheels’ aligned ;)

There are two different types of chiropractors – Low Touch Energy Technique ( Low force ) no popping or cracking of the bones and diversified technique ( popping of the joints ).

Dr Martin is a Diversified Chiropractor.

A Chiropractor is a bone doctor. Doctors of the nervous system.  The Human Nervous system is the chief organiser of human health. The brain & spinal tissue is so important they are both protected by a boney column.

Sometimes the vertebrae which protect the spinal tissue can become stuck from daily activities, sport, training, sometimes even sleeping in a bad position.

One Vertebrae can get stuck in multiple directions resulting in a fixation but can be removed with a small adjustment which is where a Chiro comes in. His job is to ensure your spine is aligned in order to protect the central nervous system.

A chiropractor can do much more than alleviate back and neck pain. Having your spine checked by a chiropractor can help with obesity and metabolic issues, mental health disorders and help relieve trauma an infant sustains during birth. A clear spine and nervous system can also help with disease formation that has not yet shown itself with symptoms.   Also, if you are not taking care of yourself in other ways (diet, exercise, etc.), a clear spine can give you the best chance at being somewhat healthier.

What happens if you are not digesting foods properly?  In order to digest foods you need enzymes to function properly. The central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) controls the cells responsible for the release of these enzymes. If your CNS is clear and operating properly, then your body has the best chance to digest the real and nutrient dense foods you are eating.  If your CNS is not operating efficiently, the digestion process works less effectively.

If we choose to not get adjusted it can result in  arthritis (painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.)

I asked Dr Martin the question if you start going to see a Chiropracter does it mean you will need to carry on going for the rest of your life?

He said tome that we need to move from a reactive health are system ( only taking care of ones self when something happens ) to a Pro-Active health care system taking care of your body and ensuring you know what is happening before anything drastic happens.

Dr Martin believes in functional medicine taking Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes Herbs to help enhance human function.

My favourite thing about his practice is that he doesn’t just take you in, crack you up and send you out. After my first appointment I was sent a 5 page multiple choice questionnaire to see what is ACTUALLY going on in my life because he believes that everything is connected.

Some patients complain about lower back pain but after Dr Martins analysis he discovers that the patient is actually constipated and once they correct that, the back pain dissapears.I feel like a new person after a 10 minute consultation and readjustment and stronger than ever.

Whats really cool about his practice is that you can opt to have a 15 minute deep tissue massage to release any muscle tension before your session so that your muscles release  any tension before your adjustment.

I feel like a new person after a trip to see Dr Martin, also knowing that my Spine & Nervous System is in tip top shape.

Some tips from Dr Martin

Take Vitamin D ( We would have to spend a total of 15 minutes in the sun daily naked to get enough Vitamin D ) for R50 a month it is worth it to take a Vitamin D Supplement.

7 Signs you may have Vitamin D Deficiency

Your Bones Ache. You’ve Got the Blues. You’re 50 or older. You’re Over Weight or Obese. You Have Darker Skin. You’re a head sweater. You have gut trouble.


Get Moving – If you are not moving you are dying, movement is life.

Visit your Chiro regularly to ensure you are living a pro-active life.

Here is a video to explain a little more about Spine Health ( An interesting watch )


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Reference: Nourishing Our Children Blog

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