Oh cry the beloved country as they say…

Who says that? Those who choose to live a life where their reality is one of fear, anger and frustration. I know South Africa is in the middle of testing times, but when have we not been in these times?

Our beautiful country is as rough nails with a gentle, vulnerable soul.

Charles Dickens wrote this piece leading up to the French Revolution: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.

Times haven’t changed since the beginning of human kind, this world has been a hard place, a challenging place. Every country has had its wars, it’s revolutions and it’s exasperating times of peace.

Duality is the essence of life. How would we know what peace, if we didn’t know war? The world isn’t about to get easier but we have the ability to choose a different reality because as human beings we are capable of more than we comprehend and remember you choose your reality, you choose your state of mind.

 5 Ways to be a happier  South african

 1: Get out into nature more.

Only recently have I started getting out, into our parks more, the park by my house must have at least 200 people exploring nature on any given Saturday. There is a whole other world to explore. Being in nature makes you feel ALIVE.

I just love this piece: When you’re in nature, you don’t have to look in mirrors. Instead, you’re either focused on the setting around you, or on what you are doing.

When you’re alone in nature, or with a loving friend or group of people, you get sweet relief from sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, and all the other ways we oppress, stigmatise and belittle one another.

On the contrary, nature displays incredible diversity in all her glory. There are fat trees and skinny ones, short ones and tall ones. Within a single clump of yellow flowers, you might see a pink one and realise that it’s a mutation. In nature, we don’t say ‘How wrong! That flower is different; that tree is fat!’ Instead, we say, ‘How beautiful!’ This impacts us below the level of thought.

South Africa is surrounded by majestical nature, we live in the most beautiful country in the world. GET OUTSIDE.

“ The poetry of the earth is never dead” John Keats

2: Come from a place of inspiration

The government is not going to save you. Stop ranting on Facebook about how shocking you think our government is. Believe me Zuma is not reading your # Tags.

My favourite saying is “ If you want to change the world start with yourself ”. Stop playing the victim. If we really want to make a difference we need to starting inspiring one another with our magnificence because each and every single one of us have something to teach. Be INSPIRATION.

I said my first motivational talk at an incredible event for two individuals who are really making a difference              ( These two individuals Mbali Ndlovu & & Ramon de Jesus started a project called I KNOW A GUY  and are BEING inspiration, I Know A Guy is a network of influencers, employers, freelancers and networkers that believe in sharing opportunities and recommending the best guy for the job People who need a guy post their opportunity, and networkers tag those they believe will be interested or the best qualified for the job! )


The Founders Mbali Ndlovu & & Ramon de Jesus

After I spoke an incredible young gentleman called Soloman walked up to me to tell me how my speech had changed his life and asked if we could meet again. I met with this incredible inspired young man who has dreams of changing the world. He told me he wanted to make a documentary educating people about Epilepsy as he had grown up in the townships  with his mother who had suffered from Epilepsy and who has not been accepted in the community due to peoples misconceptions about the neurological disorder.

We both sat in tears across the table as he told me his story and gave spoke through his incredible pitch about the documentary he wants to make and how he believed my tiny little brand that I also started, to change peoples lives could help him make it happen.

What do I know about documentary making? Absolutely nothing but what I do know is that this young man is going to change peoples lives and I will do whatever I can to help mentor him and he will make his dream come true.

2015-10-20 23.33.07

We invited him over to learn how to use a camera for the first time during a small project we are busy with, thank you Leeroy Duke for being an amazing teacher.

2015-10-20 23.33.35

2015-10-20 23.32.35

Sol’s life goal “ I want to change peoples lives and make people smile”

We never know who we are inspiring. I started LIFETRAIN because I knew I wanted to change peoples lives. The beautiful thing about life is that you are always pleasantly surprised because how you THINK things are going to happen never transpire. There is always a sweet sweet surprise coming in ways you never expected.

3: Become apart of the community.

People are always saying “ I want to help, I just don’t know how.” We can all make a difference right from the doorstep of our homes. I am sure you see those men cruising down the street on their trolley’s. They kick my Ford Figo’s butt down those hills. Cruising the streets looking super slick as they wind in-between our cars.



These men collect over 300 TONS of recyclable material a month. They travel 50KM’s a day and their day starts at 3am.

They collect everything you can recycle. Every Sunday night I separate my plastics, tins and glass into different packets and on a Monday morning I drive around and see who needs what. It’s my favourite day of the week. Connecting with people in my community who are making a difference.  Its really not difficult to sort your trash, believe me the last thing you want to do is have to separate a sanitary towel from a coke bottle. We can make a big difference in simple ways.

There is power in community, never forget that. You can be apart of something GREAT and you don’t even need to try that hard. You are helping out the community and the planet.

4: Share more possitive content

Your thoughts become reality. Remember this. Always. We live in a state of fear because we contribute to mass hysteria by sharing content that negatively impacts our lives. I am not saying, become completely oblivious to what is going on in our country. You can be informed and educated without having to give your world up for it. Remember we are polluting our minds and our lives. And when fear runs our thoughts it runs our lives. People have been saying for decades that South Africa is running itself into the ground. It hasn’t happened and let’s be honest its not going to, so I say ADIOS pack your backs, get outta here. We need to start believing that we are going to get better. Well in my reality because I choose to see the beauty that this country holds, I believe we already are.

Change isn’t going to happen over night…

Well, except with yourself and that’s where we should start.

We should focus on sharing positive, uplifting stories because that is when we will begin to shift. Remember our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our reality.

 5: Learn to let go

What you resist persists. Remember this for when you recognise it , you will realise its power. We are only fighting with ourselves when we get angry and frustrated with things around us. If you get annoyed by the way that Taxi’s drive you will continue to live a life where you are challenged by Taxi’s. Every day when you drive to work they will cut in-front of you or slam on breaks suddenly in the most awkward of positions. When we learn to let go and surrender to the things we cannot change they will no longer annoy us.

Try it, just for one week. Once we stop resisting the things that challenge us , they will stop persisting.  Come from a place of compassion and understanding not only will you become a happier person but you will begin to shift your reality.

How do you see your country?

Do you choose to see a reality that is filled with pain and anger? Or do we choose to see our country with different eyes? A place that is abundant in opportunities for entrepreneurs. We are one of the worlds leading solar energy developers. If our lovely Eskom didn’t have its little problems we wouldn’t be leading the way in harnessing solar energy and creating life changing products in emerging markets.

Is crime tearing us apart of bringing us together? Today we choose to get to know our neighbours and communicate because when we come together we create change. We need to learn to stand together because when we stand together we create REAL change. Riots within our education system are not conducive to good rapport , we are working with an age old education system and things need to change, we need to teach more skills and empower people. Some may see it as falling apart, I choose to see it as a tower crumbling to the ground so that we can begin to rebuild the foundation and create something new, something stronger for the future generations of tomorrow.

It’s time we start looking at ourselves. Be the change you want to see. Have more compassion for one another. We are South African. We have gone through so much and yet the challenge is far from over. What world are you living in?

I CHOOSE to see a different South Africa because at the end of the day we need to teach one another, show one another how to truly be and live.

What is your reality?


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Just a normal girl , who through certain choices along her path has fallen in love with life & all the goodness within it. I want to help spread the knowledge I have learnt about Lifestyle, Fitness, Mind, Body & Soul through LIFETRAIN. Helping people help themselves to Train their bodies, Train their Minds & Train there souls. I want everyone to hop on the LIFETRAIN.

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