What does the world actually want? One second it stick thin, next thing its bigger butts. Today its be a good wife, tomorrow its climb to the top of the corporate ladder and rule the world. That’s the problem we’re all worrying about ruling the world when instead we should be ruling our own world.

10 Things to help you love yourself and rule your world.

1. You need acknowledge your own ‘coolness’

We need to understand that what people share on Facebook are their “ Im so fabulous” only moments. I guess we have started to believe that if we show the world a certain side of ourselves, will believe it to be true. What about what you believe YOURSELF to be? We blame media and society for putting so much pressure on us yet we are doing it to ourselves. Constantly comparing ourselves, our bodies, our love lives, our picture “ perfect” life to everyone elses. The only way we will ever truly learn to start being at peace with ourselves is if we can stop comparing.

2. Your bums not that big and your small breasts are actually quite fabulous….

How many times a day do you say positive things to yourself? You may not recognise it but I bet you, you are the biggest judge of youself… I know when I am not in my “ best shape” I will stand infront of the mirror and bring myself down. “ Ahhh you little fatty with moon craters all over your arse, its time you got into the gym and beat your body to a pulp to get hot again” Its our perception of OURSELVES that create a low self esteem. We need to start changing our perception. Begin to reprogram your brain. Start LOVING who you are for every lump and bump.

TRICK: Instead of saying “ Im so Fat, Im So Ugly” rather say “ Well, Im not that skinny” Your higher self and the universe don’t listen to the negatives. Affirmations are fantastic things if you BELIEVE what they are saying. So if you believe that you are skinny then you can say positive affirmations “ I am so skinny” however if you don’t believe in what you are saying neither will your body or your minds. So rather be honest with yourself and say I am not so skinny. The negative will be removed in your mind and you will actually be saying “ I am so skinny”. This is reprograming the way you think. Acknowledge what you love about your body, I have a big ass booty that’s actually pretty strong and toned…It may have a few dimples here and there but I should start accepting that and loving me for me.

3. Stop being Pinnochio ….start living in your truth

We all pretend to love our lives, love our jobs, love our boyfriends. We create this “ picture perfect perception” of ourselves…

Ask yourself now…. ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY? Is your life peaceful?  Do you wake up everyday excited to live your life? Is everything you have ever dreamed of starting to come true?

We create these pretty little pictures for ourselves about how happy we are in our relationships, how much we love what we do, that we live our dream life. Deep Down inside you only YOU know your truth. In order for us to even begin to love ourselves we need to be honest with ourselves. You know your truth. Start living it.  And the day you are honest with yourself embrace the change. Make the big decisions. When you live in your truth you will see how happy your life can become.  And remember CHANGE is good. We grow when we change. Some things have done their due course and served their purpose. Its time to let them go…

4. You are a goddess, you are powerful, you are perfect just the way you are.

We have no idea how much power we hold being woman. Do yourself a favour and just google “ Feminine Energy” Now days we are so focused on stepping up and taking our stand in a male dominated society when we have truly forgotten how powerful it is to be a woman. Connect with your feminine energy. You are a goddess. For all of you woman out there who are wanting to find yourself a partner start embracing who you are. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who KNOWS who she is. Men go weak at the knees for confident woman. And I want to tell you that there is someone out there for each and every one of you, start falling in love with yourself and the person you are meant to be with will come knocking at your door…

5. Who needs a ring when you already have a crown? 

You determine how you should be treated. I once believed that I was in a “ controlling” relationship and I  lied to myself and played the victim oh but he did this and he did that.  Who was I kidding? The man that you are with is a reflection of who you are.  He wasn’t a “ controlling” person, I don’t believe anyone is a bad person, I brought certain things out in him and I  created a perception that in actual fact looking back at it now was not entirely true. I allowed myself to be controlled. I could have walked away at any second or put a stop to it but I didn’t. I said it was OKAY. I set my standards that low. Girls, you decide how you want to be treated. If we start to truly love who we are we will not let anyone treat us any lower than we deserve.

You are all QUEENS. Stop acting any lower than this. You deserve to be treated like the queens you are but if you don’t believe that how can you expect anyone else to treat you like that?


6. Don’t put up with bitches bullshit

Let go of those friends who don’t REALLY love you. We all know who our REAL friends are. The girls you can tell ANYTHING to. The ones you can trust with your lives. Who love everything about you. Your faults. The ones who keep coming back fight after fight. The ones who encourage you, stand on the side line of your life waving pom poms. The ones who want to see you succeed. The ones who SHOW UP.Its okay to let go of your “friends”. We all know in our hearts which ones love us unconditionally and to those friends who don’t, the ones who are constantly putting you down, talking behind your back, the ones who keep letting you down, the ones who don’t call to invite you places….stop forcing the matter, each and everyone has friends out there who TRULY love you…

ITS OKAY TO LET THEM GO…… you will be just fine.

Remember when we grow and change we start shifting and sometimes the friends we once thought were our besties no longer serve a purpose in our lives.

Actually you will feel like you can conquer the world with your ( real ) gal pals right behind you.


7. Girl Power. There’s more to it than just being a Spice Girl Saying

One of my best friends the other day decided to start a ‘POWER GIRLS CIRCLE’. Once a month a selected group of ‘power’ girls who are driven, inspired and taking life by the horns. Individuals who are doing well in their careers, others who have started their own businesses will get together. Each girl will have 5 minutes to discuss an idea, business issue  that they may be facing and get another 4 opinions and direction. Allowing time for debate and discussion. How else are we going to learn and grow? What a fabulous idea….. our first sessions tonight, I will let you know hoe it goes…

8. You’ve been double tapped?……so what? 

I don’t know what it is about selfies… the worlds gone ‘selfie crazy’. I wont lie to you on the odd occasion when Im dressed up and looking steamy I like to take a little selfie… One thing I ensure is that you can never tell it’s a selfie because I always crop my arm… haha. And lets be honest whether we like to admit it or not we all count the likes… Your beauty is not determined by how many people ‘like’ your photo. Its as easy as a double tap… I can tell you that., tomorrow John isn’t going to remember that picture you took with your legs spread and the ocean strategically placed in-between your legs…. You’re only doing it to make yourself feel better to reassure yourself that you’re beautiful. Stop relying on other people.



 9. Stop giving a fuck.

The biggest lesson in my life in my 26 years is to stop caring what people think. Every day I would be bombarded with these thoughts… “ Does he/she like me?” I cant say this or do that. What will people think? I want to tell you one thing. The persons opinion you are so worried about is more worried about themselves and the opinion of others that they are not even thinking about you. The only person you should worry about is yourself. What other people think of you is none of your business. And let me tell you that not everyone is going to like you…..

Because everyones perceptions and backgrounds are different. Its OKAY not to be liked. And let me also remind you that if you are constantly trying to please everyone else you will never please yourself. You will never achieve what you set out to achieve in your life if you keep changing yourself for every second person.

TURN IT OFF. That voice in the back of your head…. It can be silenced.

 10. Have an Orgasm, Scream, Shout and celebrate who you are

How are you going to be proud of the person you are if you have no idea who you are? I think its time you start asking questions…


Who am I? What do I love? What brings me joy? What are my dreams?


Spend time with YOU. Get to know your mind. Get to know your heart. Get to know your BODY. Go buy yourself a toy and find out what turns you on. What gets you off…. I had no idea how to orgasm for many years and thought there was something wrong with me. There was nothing wrong with me… I just didn’t know what I liked.


DISCOVER YOURSELF… It will be the most fun you have had in a long time.


Start truly loving yourself….. Start ruling your world.


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