This year in 2016 I have officially been an entreprenuer for 10 years of my life. I have never got a pay cheque nor have I ever had a boss. Besides two days of  doing an internship.

I remember the days my pops would would call me Lisa Rabinowitz. As I would purchase pashminas for R19.99 and sell them for R150 at school.  10 years and about 6 business later, I guess I was kind of born to hustle.

It hasn’t been the easiest road. I have had nothing, lost it all, been in debt and woken up to a worrisome heart, thinking to myself over and over again.

Can I do this? How am I going to do this? Maybe it’s time to finally get a job. There have bee plenty of times my mother has sat me down and said “ Maybe you should find a job” but something has just told me to carry on.

And sometimes things have been absolutely magical. Making shit loads of cash, going for shopping sprees with one of my  business partners, drinking endless Tequilas and buying rounds. However not really understanding money’s worth. This has been one of life’s biggest lessons for me.

But it has all been one big goddam wonderful lesson. I have learnt so many things about myself from being an entrepreneur.

Here are my 10 life lessons to being an entrepreneur

 1 ) Lose the fear.

I use to believe that you were either born an entrepreneur or not. That it was not something that you could ‘learn’. After many years with this belief I began to understand that it has nothing to do with being born with it. Its about letting go of the fear. Its about getting to know yourself so well that you know EXACTLY what it is that you would LOVE in your life. It is only our fear that holds us back. Overcome your fear and you will FLY.

And HOW many you ask do you do that?

LOOK and CONNECT with your fear. Discover where it comes from and GO there. In this process you will learn to love your fear and you will be able to let it go with love.


2 ) You can create what ever it is that  you would love to create

We are such wondrous beings, us humans. We have the ability to create anything we would love. The first step is that you have to believe it and know what it is that you would love. Believing it is half the work done. I have never doubted that a business would work. I have run 5 different businesses in my lifetime. Every single one of them have been a success ( well to me at least, I have loved every minute of it ) I never allowed myself not to jump. Through all the years of self doubt I pushed through because something inside of me said “ If you don’t try, you will never know”.


3 ) It’s you and only you who is going to make your dreams come true

So often we spend our time asking for others opinions. We need to learn to trust our HEARTS. You are the one who has to find that inner fire, no one is going to make your dreams come true for you. You are the creator of your world. It’s important that you listen to your heart. I couldn’t count the amount of times that someone said I shouldn’t do something.

But I did it any way…. When you trust your heart and truly LISTEN you can never go wrong. Do not listen to the nay-sayers, it only their non belief in themselves that they will project onto you…


4)  Surround yourself with courageous individuals

That saying that says “ You become like the top 5 most people you surround yourself with” well that’s true…

Surround yourself with courageous individuals who want to be GREAT. Who want to make a difference.

Surround yourself with conscious individuals who are on your level. Friends who care about the world and want                  to make a difference.

These individuals will LIFT you up. In turn you will do the same. Individuals who’d love to live GREAT lives do this.

They do not spend their time gossiping or putting others down. People with small minds do this. They are not the dreamers or the doers. The dreamers spend their time talking about the wonders of the world and how they can make it a better place. I realised the other day that I have the most phenomenal group of friends. 60% of us are entrepreneurs and we spend our lives discussing great ideas. I truly acknowledged us as a group of friends. Over wine we lift others up.

We think of ways we can encourage each-other to be better, to help others around us and how we can consume more consciously for Mother Earth.

These are the types of individuals you keep as you friends.

If these are not your people. It is okay to let them go.



5 ) Work on your shit

Understand this. Personal development and self mastery are incredibly important tools. One needs to understand that we do not need to work “ harder” for money. Money is an energy. How you see money is how you see yourself.

I spent months thinking that I needed to manifest more money, say my prayers, create vision boards. It was only when I went on a quest of self discovery did I realise that money has nothing to do with working harder or being harder on yourself. It is about shift in mind set. It was not until I went  through a relationship where I was treated with little respect did I realise how unworthy I believed myself to be. I will be forever grateful to that person for teaching me the biggest lesson of my life. I began to feel worthy. As soon as I did this, the abundance began to flow.

We have beliefs and blocks that will hold us back for the rest of our lives unless we have the courage to do the inner work. So often we think that we need to work on one thing when it’s a completely different aspect of your mind that needs to shift.

Do the work. I promise it will be worth it.

And remember LET GO OF THE PRIDE. I have most probably worked over one hundred jobs for extra cash whilst being an entrepreneur and believe me if I had to jump into a shooter girl outfit tomorrow… I would.


6 ) It is about balance

Money is about balance. In order to give we must be able to receive. Money is energy. If you are unable to give then you will not be able to receive. Giving with an open heart means expecting nothing in return ( another big lesson for me ). This can be challenging for some. As as human beings we have so many expectations and attachments. It is also important to be able to receive with an open heart. When someone wants to offer you something, welcome it into your space with open arms and GRATITUDE. You are showing the universe that you are open to receiving. There always needs to be a flow. If you are holding onto money then you are not creating space for more to flow.

The abundance is there, open your heart.


7) Be willing to let things go

Now for the BIG Lesson. Learn to let things go with love. My first business I closed after my first weekend retreat to the mountains to drink a sacred medicine called ayahuasca. I was shown that it was time to close my second business. The Shaman asked us  “ ensure we don’t make any drastic decions like ask for a divorce or close your business”but that’s exactly what I did.

Because I knew that the journey had come to an end. It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. Since then I have never thought twice about letting things go. I recently just closed my third business to follow my REAL dream ( after years and years of asking myself what it was that I’d really love to do )

So let things go that are no longer serving you. When you do this, you create space for the New in your life, you create space to dream and create.

8) Go where life flows

I haven’t read the bible-but I love the saying “ Know Thyself” I believe that is the purpose of life. To get to know oneself so deeply that you have the ability to create whatever it is that your heart desires. When you go on a journey of self discovery, something happens. You begin to read and feel the signs. What is and isn’t going to work. If something is working stick to it. Feel into it. When you are on your life path or following your blueprint. Life flows. Every day will be filled with synchronistic moments as your begin to live the life you only ever dreamed of. And I do believe each and every single human being has their own destiny. But know that only YOU can see it and when you begin to open your eyes…

Life will begin to flow… Just as it is suppose too..


9 ) Acknowledge your lessons

I have learnt many lessons in my 10 years of being an entrepreneur but the biggest one has to do with money. After closing my second business and not knowing what I wanted to do I was a bit short on cash and asked the bank for R5000 over draft to pay my rent. The bank so “kindly” gave me R110 000. I promised myself that I would walk into the bank the next day and reduce it.

That never happened….

At the age of 26 I was in huge debt. It has been one of the biggest lessons in my life and I have really had to work hard to shift this. For months I wasn’t making enough money in order to do my monthly installments until I read an incredible book that changed my whole perception. I had to do some deep searching until I realised that on a core level I had a belief that I was not worthy of the abundance and that I wasn’t TRULY committed to being financially secure and free. By October this year I have made a commitment to be debt free and its finally happening.  I finally shifted my finances by taking responsibility. OWNING where I was at this point in my life and not being in denial. We cannot become who we’d love to become if we are not willing to acknowledge where we are right now. When you own who you are and where you are in your life you are able to change.


10 ) Be YOU. And do something that matters

5 weeks ago I was running a small digital agency. Slowly but surely I began to ‘check out’. I could feel it in my being that this journey was coming to an end. 5 weeks ago my last client emailed me to say they were going to a bigger agency. I remember I was sitting drinking a glass of wine, not knowing how I was going to pay my next months rent.

But something inside of me told me I needed to trust. So I sat myself down and asked myself what it was that I truly believed I was destined to do?

In 4 weeks I have started one of my most successful businesses to date and not successful because I am making tons of money ( that’s coming…. ) but doing something that impacts so many lives.

And this has been my journey, to come truly know what my destiny and dream is. To make a difference in peoples lives by helping them become their most true and authentic selves. Where they too can live a life that is filled with joy, passion and love.

I now wake up everyday and do exactly that. I am now living my dream. Running Yoga, Meditation and Plant Based Food Retreats, teaching people to connect to their bodies through my own training program and life coaching individuals and soon I will be doing this around the world ( well…. At least, that’s my dream ) And in two years time I could be doing something completely different.  ALWAYS BE DREAMING…

There is something magical that happens when you decide to take a leap of faith. Its like the universe just catches you EVERY time. Every time I have been close to having no money, someone calls me for a job. Its like magic.

I believe that we are not destined to live just for ourselves. We are here to contribute to the WHOLE. Do something that ADDS VALUE. To the society and to the world.

At the end of the day…We are all ONE. ( If you do not get this saying… One day you will )

We all have it in us to live the lives we’d love. Its about getting to know yourself deeply. Having a dream. Creating that vision board ( I am a big believe in this and everything I have ever put on a vision board has come true ).

Stop playing small. PLAY BIG. BE BIG.

You are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

And most importantly every day have… GRATITUDE & FAITH.

These two things will get you very far.

And be a good person. There is nothing more wonderful than a genuine person with a beautiful big heart. Don’t screw people over, we create our Karma and what you put out there comes straight back. ALWAYS.

To all the entrepreneurs out there. I SALUTE you.

And to all the wannabe Entrepreneurs. Let go of the fear.





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