Winter is one of the best times to get into shape. A great body is not something that you can buy. Your body says a lot about the type of person you are, how dedicated you are to your life. How dedicated you are to your life. Its easy to be fat, its not easy to be strong, lean & unbelievably HOT.

Are you willing to set goals, reach those goals and then write new goals?

If we are not constantly challenging ourselves then we are not growing. We so often get so use to comfort, we are creatures of habit and hate change.

Let me tell you CHANGE IS GOOD – bumping your head is good, falling down is great and failing means that you tried. Its what you do to get up and make your life better , make yourself better. Challenges are important because they mean  you have grown as a person. No one can take your lessons away from you. Always remember that.

So here are 10 things to help you kick your butt into shape in winter.

1 – SEPTEMBER IS TO LATE to get started.

START NOW. Guys if you want to really change your body you need to know that it takes at least 12 weeks (that’s 3 months) to see a noticeable difference in your body – starting to train & diet in September just before summer is not gonna help. START today – yes it may be cold & you don’t want to train but now is the perfect time because whist everyone else is eating crap and getting fat you will be training your ass off in the gym & by the time summer comes BOOM – you look banging & you have left the fatties lagging.


Go & speak to a professional about a sustainable eating plan, someone who has the knowledge and expertise to give you sound advice. Guys – please understand that everybody’s body is different & what works for you may not work for me. Instead of following a generic diet off the Internet go and spend some money on a dietician or trainer so they can analyze your body, do your measurements and give you an eating plan that works for you. They will also help you track your goals. A dietician usually costs between R750 – R1000 for your initial consultation and between R200 – R250 for a follow up. It’s really worth the investment.


Guys that saying that goes – 6 packs are made in the kitchen is absolutely true. A great body takes time and effort. I know we all think its a mission to prepare our meals but I can promise you that it works out a lot cheaper than eating out at a restaurant or buying a sandwich from the office cafeteria and a lot healthier for you.  I timed myself the other night and it only took me 20 minutes to prepare meals for 3 days. Once you start watching what you put in your mouth and you physically start seeing a difference in your body you won’t want to stop – it’s an empowering feeling. Remember in order to change your body and build lea muscle mass you need to be eating A LOT and not a lot of the wrong foods, a lot of the right foods. By preparing your own meals according to a meal plan you are ensuring that you are fulfilling your dietary requirements.


Guys going to gym 5 times a week and doing the standard circuit is not going to change your body. You need to remember that our bodies get use to doing the same exercise and in order to change our bodies we need to be constantly challenged. I know you think that a personal trainer is expensive but having a trainer will ensure that you are constantly challenged and that you are always changing up exercises to get the best results. A good coach will spend the time & effort discussing your goals and tracking your progress.

Words from my new coach: JACK LOTTER

IMPORTANT. What are your coach’s credentials and qualifications? Training history? Expertise? Is this coach tangibly assessing your progress or lack thereof? What are you using to measure your return on investment? Does your coach even know, without having to think or stutter, what the difference is between a macro and micronutrient or a fast and slow twitch muscle fiber and how to activate them? Don’t laugh. You’d be surprised. Coaching and “coaches” rely far too heavily on drug use and abuse without having a tangible training and dieting foundation to get results, and this is widespread and downright unacceptable. “Oh your haven’t lost enough fat? Ok take another Clen tablet… Oh not enough muscle? Take 4 more tabs of this and another mil of that.” I’m not trying to downplay other’s services to exude that mine are better, I’ll let my clients results speak for themselves on game day, if they haven’t already! There are some phenomenal coaches out there, passionate, informed and knowledgeable with a host of expertise, make sure you chose yours correctly.


Do you know what you REALLY look like? After competing and then not being able to train for 6 months because of my back I would look down at my body and think “ but hey your still looking pretty good”… NOT – I had any idea how my body had actually changed. No idea how much muscle mass I had lost, how flabby and lose my stomach had become… best thing that you can do to start your new body journey is to take a picture of yourself to see what you REALLY look like. Hop into your underwear stand against a white wall and get someone to take a picture of you. Take one standing to the front, side and back to see all angles of your body and what you need to really work on. Believe me these pictures will inspire you everyday and STOP you from eating that piece of cake.


I truly believe that we don’t use Facebook or Social Media correctly – there is a world of knowledge out there right at your fingertips. Yes it great to go onto Facebook & read all your friends stories & bullshit and have a bitch & a moan but are you using this incredible platform to its full potential? You can use Facebook to create your own online magazine with content that YOU Choose & learn about things that you want to learn about. There are some incredible athletes out there who share awesome inspirational content everyday. All you have to do is hit em up with a little LIKE and there you have it – every time you log onto Facebook you will be inspired by your news feed.

Two incredible Fitness Models –

Paige Hathaway





There are so many incredible athletes – hey no one said you can ever like too many pages – so hit like on as many as you would like & be inundated with inspiration all hours of the day – because lets be honest we all spend a shit load of our times on the book.


I remember always thinking to myself “ one day I just want to run on the beach and not wobble all over the show” Its important to have dreams so you can set goals. I remember that one amazing December that I ran on the beach, firm & hard as fuck – it was such an incredible feeling. My dream came true. Now I have new dreams, new goals – your dreams will keep you alive.

What is it that you want?


Knowledge is power – whoever said that is POWER because it is the truth. What I know now about the body, food, diet, exercise and training is life changing & I want to be like a sponge, absorb all there is to know in order to get the best results. It’s fascinating to learn about food and to take what you have learnt and put it into practice and to physically see the results.

All I ask of you is that you TRY. Learn something new everyday. Ask questions and BE THAT SPONGE.


I taught a class the other day & I couldn’t believe how bad people’s techniques were. Guys you are not going to get your best results if you take half measures. If you don’t know how to do a SQUAT – LEARN, ASK do whatever you need to do to ensure that your technique is correct. Taking the time to do your exercises correctly will ensure that you get the results you are looking for? HOLD YOUR REPS. Ensure your posture is correct. Ensure you are engaging the correct muscle groups. If you are doing a dumbbell curl don’t just use your biceps, stand correctly, engage your core, keep your head up & look in the mirror. Spend some money on a few personal training sessions to learn the correct technique. To many people have shit technique – REMEMBER QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY.


Guys the world has changed – no offence to fat people (I believe as long as you are happy then you don’t need to change anything) but things have changed now days everyone is putting effort into their bodies, I think its an awesome space to be. Back in the day in the beginning of time when we use to hunt for our food and fight for our survival our bodies were STRONG, we were SUPER HUMAN. Then there was a time when humans became fat and lazy, ate lots of processed food, fast food. We are in such an awesome time. Humans want to be strong again; we are taking back our bodies, demanding that fast food brands give us healthy options. Girls no longer want to be a size 0. CURVES and MUSCLE is hot.

BEING HEALTHY, STRONG & FIT is fashionable.

So what are you waiting for?

YOU HAVE 3 months – 12 weeks till SUMMER what the hell are you waiting for?



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